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Emergent Learning 

Emergent Learning is happening wherever people
rely upon a learning process built into the work they are already doing
to ever more effectively and resiliently be able to produce the results they aspire to.


What does it involve?

Emergent Learning involves taking a systematic approach to using existing challenges and opportunities as the grist for developing skills, know-how and ever more effective tactics. With the assistance of a few elegantly simple tools, learning emerges from existing activities because simple learning disciplines were built directly into the flow of that work. Know-how emerges and is refined through successive iterations so that proficiency is built, well grounded in comparisons of intended and actual results. By taking on each new challenge with the clear intention to learn, successes start to accumulate, creating a track record and confidence that encourages groups to tackle even greater challenges.

What is it particularly good for?

Every organization or network faces challenges for which there is no single right solution, or the situation is sufficiently complex that what works is constantly in flux. These sorts of challenges in particular are often best addressed by building a learning process into the way people think and act as they work on resolving the challenge, so that better results––and the know-how to produce them––continually emerge.


To explore "EL" further

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Signet Research & Consulting LLC and Fourth Quadrant Partners LLC are sister firms, each pioneering the development, application and impact of Emergent Learning in distinct sectors.